Arabic Language

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Our customized Arabic program is divided into different levels. Students may choose between regular and intensive classes based on their choice and schedule.

The program will allow students to acquire essential grammatical rules, learn new vocabulary, and acquire writing and communication skills needed for everyday situations. Additionally, as students progress in levels, they will be able to master the language more fluently.

In addition to the formal Arabic Program, we offer informal Lebanese Arabic courses that aim to improve students’ spoken skills. This will give students the opportunity to be immersed in the Lebanese culture, to engage in conversations, and to understand Lebanese music, television programs, films, etc.


  • Classical Arabic (spoken and written)
  • Lebanese Arabic (spoken and written)

Duration: 4-5 weeks for each level

Session Time: 1hr 30 mins

Interval: Twice per week

Online platform used: Microsoft Teams

Prices may vary depending on the course and schedule chosen.

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$ 60
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